22 October 2010

one adventure is over & the next one begins

so long missoula.  it's been fun, frustrating, exciting, depressing, joyous and mind boggling. i will miss the hot days and the warm nights. the extraordinarily friendly people. the casual way that people interact with one another. the railroad tracks and the trains. the sky. the mountains. the river. rmsp. rmsp. rmsp. reiki. elizabeth & neil & marcy & cheri & bob & eileen x 2 & dave & tony. liquid planet. angie & joanie & beth x 2 & jessica & jenn & paul & scott & rich & joanna & brad & wyatt & mica & athena & BAILEY and oh dear, iam sure that thete are more to add to this list. oh, yes forest x 2.

it may take me a very long time to digest and properly process all that i have learned, experienced and shared these past 5 months.  but i do know one thing...i would not have missed this wild ride for anything on earth and i believe that i have found my muse. at least for the now.

thanks rmps. thanks missoula. thanks pb and thanks betty.  i love you all.

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