12 October 2010

2 more days until graduation

we had our final business and marketing class this morning, and i could tell that everyone was elsewhere. we worked on our mission statements and marketing strategies-all important- but after all these weeks of absorbing information, poor Mike Size was put to the test.  I got a lot of great information, some of which I will put into practice when I return home.

This afternoon, we had our last open lab.  I worked on getting a series of slides together for my presentation on Thursday morning, and then got to hang out with bailey the boxer girl for a bit.  i was overjoyed to see her, and we happily went on a jaunt around downtown while she marked and sniffed and acted oh so cute.  I sure needed that puppy infusion of love.

printed like a maniac tonight.  i was extremely happy with the results, and i think that i have enough to have an interesting show when I return home.  playing around with holga images, and this one-although not a holga-turned out really well.

tomorrow afternoon the presentations start. group a in the afternoon, then my group thursday AM and finally group c on thursday afternoon.  PB arrives that day as well!

friday we graduate and then it is all over.  or just beginning.

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