23 September 2010


While surfing the internet this morning, looking for photography mentors in my home area,  I stumbled upon this little gem by  Jock McDonald.

photo animation at its best

22 September 2010

I am starting to actually like photoshop

i get confused easily & sometimes my mind can't process correctly in a linear order, but I think that I may be starting to understand and even like Photoshop.

Here is today's masterpiece:

21 September 2010

stock images & my first montage

I just returned from a wonderful stock photography critique and talk by Forest Woodward, an RMSP teacher and accomplished stock photographer.  He critiqued a few of my images and suggested that I start with the maximum of three (as designated by Istock) and submit the following images:

Forest told the class what images work best of the stock agencies and how to start the submission process.  I found an instructional blog posting that addresses these issues.  Check it out!

a waterfall and a set of train tracks. learning amazing things from Laura Shoe.  I LOVE montages.  look for more images, coming soon.

20 September 2010

fall, falls and friends

It is fall here in montana.  it happened all of a sudden-one day it was 90 degrees and then it was 60 and drizzly.  the air smells good, sharp and clean.  like hayfork.

I am ready to go home.  that also happened suddenly.  maybe it was the call from ann that betty fell and was in the hospital  at the vineyard.   ann also told me that peter strachan was having severe nose bleeds-which makes us think that his cancer may have returned.  sad family we have. I feel the need to be surrounded by the pups and my friends and not sleep alone anymore.  I miss my pack.

I am learning so much in AI that I can't properly process it all.  I sit in class and try to take good notes, but I wonder how much I am really absorbing.  It is all technical now-layers and masks and selections and making animation out of still images and compositing and and and...  I need to practice every day when I get home and I know that it will come to me.  I know that I think and learn differently than many people, and I know that it is going to take me longer than others to completely understand all of these concepts.  That's OK. I have plenty of time.

my mentor meeting with Neil went well on saturday.  he critiqued about 40 of my images.  I chose a variety pack so he could see what interests me.  he complimented me on my eye and style and  versatility.  we talked about where I think I may be going from here (images to greeting card companies, building up my portfolio, documentary photography).  I felt good when I left.

Skalkaho Falls
Mike Schart, Me, Angie Dombrowsky

16 September 2010

rails & other old stuff

down by the railroad tracks.  just love it there.  missoula is a very cool town.

12 September 2010

I am sleeping in the other bedroom in my little house tonight. The room has better light and a firmer bed. I slept until 10:30 this morning, in believe in part because of the darkness of the bigger bedroom. I woke up with a start this morning and it feels discombobulating to sleep so long. Don't like that feeling. So, I will try another bed, like goldilocks, & hope that this bed is just right.

The first week of AI went quickly but was overwhelming.  Of 4 days of classes, I had 3 night classes in addition to the 2 classes during the day.  We are learning advanced photoshop, which is hilarious because we barely touched the surface of photoshop in the summer.  Our teacher talks too fast and gets impatient with us when someone asks him to slow down.  I am feeling frustrated already, and after talking to some of the other students, I am not alone.  PS is something that I am going to have to practice on my own when I return home and I am confident that I will remember some of the materials that we are currently learning.  The problem with this teacher is that he is not a good teacher. Period.  Just because he know the material (after all, he did write the book), does not mean that he can teach it well.
I love my business & marketing, image illustration, & printing classes, and I am sure that I will also like the emerging technology classes when they start.  We have Dave Marx and Eileen Rafferty once again!  Joy!

Since I felt sluggish in SI, I am determined to exercise as much as possible these next 5 weeks.  A group of us are starting to swim 3 days/week in the mornings at the UM pool & I intend to get up to at least 1/2 mile (36 laps) before I leave Montana.

Today the weather was extraordinary. The sun was out and the temperature was high.  I hiked the M at the U photo of the "M"      The "M". 

It is a good workout, not very interesting, but a great way to exercise in a short period of time!

09 September 2010

08 September 2010

behind again-what else is new?

where did I leave off from my story?  was it at graduation? i can't remember.  so much has been happening to me and the days are just a big blur of activity.

judy, donna and ann were here for my graduation and that warmed my heart and filled my spirit.  i have missed true and loving friends.  my soul needs them.  i was sorry that pb couldn't make it up here, but i understand.  his life has been one big crazy whirl of work, dogs, singing, hayfork and performances.  joanie left and gave me her house.  i can never thank her enough. she saved my sanity and helped me find a nest in which to live out the next few weeks.  the place has her warmth and good energy in it and i feel her here with me.

kelly left me her bike and i ride it as often as i can. thank you kelly-you are a true friend.

i spent the week after my last pro studies class sleeping, riding around missoula on my bike and enjoying life.  i organized all of my class notes and my clothes and my mind.  it was good.

my trip to half moon bay was so quick it was like a dream.  i flew down on friday and back monday AM.  pb, the dogs and i got reacquainted -which luckily didn't take but an instant.  i almost couldn't control myself when i saw molly and riley. i could have eaten them up-it was that delicious.  the visit was too quick, but knowing that he will be flying up to missoula in 6 weeks , make it easier.   yep. pb  is coming back to missoula.  i am so happy that pb will get to meet everyone and attend graduation and escort me home.

AI started yesterday and i joined a new group. i am happy. very happy.

here are images from missoula and bannack ghost town that i took over the past week.