03 October 2010

no images to post

still in my camera.  it's been a working/school weekend as we head into a long week.  image to come. I am loving the summer weather, although it is excepted to get colder and maybe some rain.  a group of us started a blog-for members only.  we are calling it "rmsp 2010 alumni" and are hoping that the blog has a long and active life ahead of it.  it will be a place where we can share stories about our photographic experiences once we leave the rmsp bubble, a venue to ask questions, post news of the industry and other cool information.  we are keeping the blog private and have not invited all of the students to join.  we want to make it a positive, support site-and frankly-there are some people in the program who do not possess either trait.

Here was my first blog post of the site:

I am overwhelmed with all of the information that I have received this summer. Happy to be going home, but sad to be leaving wonderful new friends behind. I will miss Missoula and RMSP, and leaving will be bittersweet. I have vacillated between a myriad of emotions while at the school; confusion, excitement, frustration, loneliness, joy, in/security, acceptance and peace. This has been an extraordinary professional and personal journey and I am grateful to have shared it with so many loving, talented people. Namaste, Nancy

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